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Actionable Insights, Executed, Measured - It's That Simple


Actionable, Measurable Insights Delivered By Luzern – Smart Plays

Luzern’s Powerful eCommerce Platform – Channel Optimizer (CO), allows you to maximize sales and margin across all online channels, using our proprietary Smart Plays  which have been developed by our team over the last 10 years of execution and advanced research.


Actionable Insights

Luzern's Powerful Platform gives Real Insights (Smart Plays) and Recommendations to drive Sales and Margin across all Channels

We adapt to you, not the other way around
We’ll introduce your brand to millions of new customers within days of adding your inventory, digital assets and pricing details to our platform. Our One Connection turnkey solution means you only connect once – from there you can add channels, countries, Amazon Markets or products as you need to. No integration required by you.



Once Agreed with the Brand, Luzern Executes the Insight Delivering Real Sales and Higher Margins

Built from industry best-practice to drive your online sales
Developed from a combination of data science, proprietary data and deep market insights, our platform enable us to deliver a series of Smart Plays focused on Margin and Sales conversion for your brand, built from industry best-practice across the world.



After we execute our Smart Plays, Luzern continually Measures to Ensure that the Result Achieved Matches or exceed Expectations.

Applying data science and our algorithms specific to your brand and buyers to enable you to sell more and maximize margin. We identify and collect thousands of data points specific to your products and competitors. Using our self-service dashboards you can monitor performance and the effectiveness of your unique Smart Plays seeing the result of the actions that Luzern have executed

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