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Our managed eCommerce acceleration platform optimizes sales, margins and inventory across channels and geographies. Our technology enables us to excel at the “messy” execution end of eCommerce, bringing speed and agility across channels. 

Using our deep expertise and technology, we extend your eCommerce capabilities to attract and convert buyers, boost margins and improve customers’ experience of your brand, reaching buyers where they like to shop:



We deliver optimal results on Amazon and other marketplaces. We are the leading eCommerce accelerator when it comes to helping established brands grow profitable online sales.

D2C Stores


Luzern powers robust and scalable, direct to consumer (D2C) online stores that showcase your brand, reach new shoppers and convert browsers to buyers.

Social Commerce-1


Luzern Social Commerce makes your brand shoppable direct from your customers’ favourite platforms including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Max Benjamin
HTC Products


We live in an age of “Commerce Everywhere” and brands need to move as fast as consumers do and meet them on whichever channel they prefer to shop: be that on Amazon & other Marketplaces, a Branded Webstore or on their favourite social platform.

Adapting to this new competitive multi-channel landscape is the most pressing challenge facing eCommerce brands today and it requires agility, strong partnerships, and a clear strategy to turn opportunities into sustainable, profitable long-term growth.


Managed eCommerce means partnering with a third party eCommerce enabler, like Luzern, to create and execute channel strategies that drive online sales, profitably. Managed eCommerce is scalable and modular, meaning brands can prioritize which elements they need outsourced ranging from complete end-to-end to more tailored solutions that extend and complement existing eCommerce capabilities. Our flexible platform and agile approach take the heavy lifting out of eCommerce execution for our customers, enabling them to move fast, test and learn, and take control of how they perform and sell online.

Benefits of Managed eCommerce

  • Focus on growing your Brand
  • Reduced Risk
  • Test & Learn
  • Improved efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Expert Guidance
  • Marketing support for driving sales
  • State of the art technology
  • Easy to scale your business & handle spikes

What Our Clients say

  • “The intelligence from the Luzern platform around the competition, pricing and product categories delivered the insights to support a go-to-market plan for each target market: and the Luzern team operationalised those plans flawlessly”.
    Brandon Gray
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • "Luzern eCommerce was crucial in helping us better understand our customers and what they want from us, our sales jumped 5 fold on Amazon".
    Melissa Cassidy
    eCommerce Director
  • “Luzern eCommerce helped us achieve a significant boost in sales whilst improving the customer experience of our brand. In particular, they helped us to almost double conversion rates through a clean, well-presented eCommerce journey for our online store”.
    Jazmin Taylor
    D2C Manager
Our clients

HAppy Customers

We work with brands from all different industries.

Big Brand Customers
Live Global Markets
Decrease in ACOS 20%
Increase in Conversions 25%
Average Increase in Margin 30%
Reduction in Stock Outs 98%
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