Luzern’s eCommerce platform powers numerous Online Stores, and connects to global Marketplace for many of the world’s most ambitious brands.

Our customers’ success is paramount in everything we do and is why Brands across the Globe trust us to deliver a winning eCommerce solution.

Who We Work With

We’re proud to be the eCommerce partner to some of the world’s leading brands.

Who we work with
Customer Success Story

What We Do For: PetSafe

PetSafe could lean on Luzern’s expertise to generate significant sales and to deliver a positive brand experience in international marketplaces.

After experiencing great success, PetSafe has also turned to Luzern to power its branded online stores. PetSafe was able to use the same feed integrated to the Luzern eCommerce Platform to run these stores in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Autstralia and in 6 other countries.

Highlights Include:
  • US-based PetSafe had a growing customer base abroad and wanted to start selling on marketplaces
  • PetSafe was unfamiliar with the product selection and pricing strategy on international marketplaces
  • PetSafe worked with Luzern to open a new sales channel that was integrated directly into their existing processes via the Luzern eCommerce platform
  • Luzern now develop and operate marketplace listings as well as online stores across Europe and Australia
As an american company, would selling on marketplaces across Europe raise your brand awareness and inform your expansion strategy? For PetSafe, that’s exactly what working with Luzern did.
PetSafe is the largest manufacturer of electronic pet training products in the United States. A company with innovative research and advanced designs at its core, it also is constantly seeking for new ways to reach more pet owners across the world.
Using marketplaces to reach new markets

It is this vision that turned PetSafe to use eCommerce in order to reach new markets.

At the time, the company had zero manufacturer-driven online presence on marketplaces. They would sell some products to Amazon from time to time and would notice distributors selling on eBay, but that caused two major problems: they were only getting pennies on the dollar for their innovative products and they loss all control over their brand.

As a brand with an ever-growing, passionate customer base, this was an issue that needed to be addressed. PetSafe was unfamiliar with product selection and prices on international marketplaces.

Further complicating the situation was the impact managing hundreds of listing would create on the company’s inventory and logistics processes.

The company turned to Luzern when it saw it could provide:
  • Multi-channel pricing analysis, to see which marketplace and country brought the best return on investment
  • Competitive benchmarking, to outperform competitors also selling on marketplaces
  • Order processing workflows, unifying all PetSafe parties involved in selling and fulfilling products
  • Inventory management, limiting oversell and disappointed customers
  • Industry and performance insights, helping PetSafe target which markets should come next
  • Customer service, handling all queries stemming from marketplace sales
Without the internal expertise in place to generate significant sales and to deliver a positive brand experience in international marketplaces, PetSafe could lean on Luzern to accelerate their eCommerce strategy.
Selling on a massive scale on marketplaces made possible

Luzern’s marketplace team used the Luzern platform to benchmark existing competitors, pricing strategies and countries to target by PetSafe.

During this process, Luzern’s integration team pulled PetSafe’s inventory feed and marketing information into the Luzern eCommerce Platform in order to take advantage of its native integration to Amazon and eBay in countries around the world.

Within a few weeks the Luzern team was simultaneously listing the same product quantity on multiple marketplaces without exclusive quantity allocation, the platform automatically updating quantities on each marketplace to prevent overselling.

The Luzern eCommerce platform being integrated to PetSafe warehouses and logistics suppliers, it could drop ship orders directly from eBay and Amazon, driving additional sales without impacting existing processes. The company could easily track and record online sales internally by logging in to the Luzern reporting tool.

Greater brand consistency and a growing reach

Working with Luzern on marketplaces has been one of the core reasons why PetSafe is currently reaching customers in 52 countries (and growing).

PetSafe has ensured greater brand consistency online by using Luzern’s branded listing templates, and greater awareness through more visibility on deal pages, eBay directories and more.

After experiencing great success, PetSafe has also turned to Luzern to power its branded online stores. PetSafe was able to use the same feed integrated to the Luzern eCommerce Platform to run these stores in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Autstralia and in 6 other countries.

So what’s next? PetSafe are currently assessing opportunities to launch on additional, emerging marketplaces and in additional countries.

Customer Success Story

What We Do For: JDE

JDE’s (JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS) coffee & tea portfolio is available in over 140 countries around the world through iconic household names including: Jacobs, Tassimo, Moccona, Senseo, L’OR, Douwe Egberts, TiÓra, Super, Kenco, Pilao & Gevalia. 

The Challenge

JDE coffee pods were being sold on Amazon and other online marketplaces, but the company was struggling to control these channels effectively.

Although JDE sells directly to Amazon (1P as its more commonly known in the industry), and have successfully increase sales, acquired new customers and leveraged Amazons high traffic volumes.

However, they were finding it increasingly difficult to manage their presence correctly on Amazon; and that the long term impact to overall business wasn’t as expected.

Key Issues:
  • Amazon was often pricing below RRP, which caused channel conflict for their other retail partners
  • Amazon was not purchasing adequate inventory across all SKUs, so certain ranges were sometimes out of stock on Amazon
The Luzern Solution

Luzern worked with JDE to introduce a new way of working with Amazon. Luzern was deployed as JDE’s 3rd party Vendor ( 3P/Amazon Marketplace Seller) enabling us to sell on their behalf.

Based on our eCommerce expertise of working with major brands, we worked with JDE to understand their business objectives and expectations around their Brand, their product range and their online sales goals.

A key part of this was to understand their assortment strategy, what they currently sell to Amazon and assessing where a different approach could support the brand, it’s pricing strategy and ultimately drive more online conversions.

Through a combination of expertise assessment and the Luzern algorithmic platform, we were able to gain back control of pricing to ensure it adhered to their desired pricing strategy and very quickly turned around their dropping sales numbers.

Key Benefits

Luzern’s Hybrid (1P/3P) approach enabled JDE to build up listings and history, growing sales and margin across 3P as well as with 1P with Amazon, avoiding channel conflict or any “race to the bottom” pricing battles.

As a result, Luzern successfully helped them increase the overall profitability of the channel across a range of their key products including Tassimo and L’or.

  • Zero Stock outs - Stock Outs reduced to 0% through Luzern’s Stock Forecasting and Planning
  • Personalised offers - Based on analysis of buyer behaviour, Luzern helped them create unique and exclusive bundled offers that customers wanted
  • Better product ranges delivering more sales – e.g. one product that was selling on average 7 units a day is now selling over 100
  • Demand Generation outside UK - e.g. in Spain, sales for certain products have increased from 2 a day to more than 20 a day
Customer Success Story

What We Do For: Philips

Luzern worked with Philips to launch several strategic eCommerce initiatives to drive online sales and expand and accelerate its international business.

Luzern’s flexible and scalable eCommerce platform enabled Philips’s Lighting to grow their business significantly and offer a better experience to their partners and customers.

About Philips & Signify Lighting

Signify is the rebranded name for Philips Lighting. They are the world leader in lighting and provide customers with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services.

They turn light sources into points of data to connect more devices, places and people through light, contributing to a safer, more productive and smarter world.

  • Number one In conventional lighting, LED and connected lighting
  • 53+ million Connected light points
  • 6.4 billion Euro sales in 2018
  • #1 Industry Leader - Dow Jones Sustainability Index - RobecoSAM

Luzern has been working with Philips since their launch of the revolutionary Philips Hue lighting range back in 2012. Philips partnered with Luzern as part of their strategic approach to unlock the potential of light to address new and high-growth markets through a global presence.

Philips’s goal is to help existing and new customers to leverage lighting infrastructures to deliver value “beyond illumination” and address the growing market for Wi-Fi-based lighting.

Initially, as with many large companies, it was difficult to deliver fast eCommerce solutions to reach an increasingly sophisticated and digitally savvy customer base. Philips didn’t have the in-house expertise to fully implement scalable eCommerce initiatives, that’s where we immediately added value, working alongside their team to understand their goals and objectives in order to create a winning strategic plan to deliver the results they wanted from an eCommerce platform.

  • To broaden reach internationally and increase revenues from online channel
  • Source eCommerce expert resources to move fast and scale globally
  • Set up Multi-currency checkouts for faster internationalization
  • To understand their buyers preferences in order to deliver targeted, localised online promotions to drive sales and Brand loyalty

Luzern’s Solution

Philips Webstore with Custom Functionality

Luzern delivered a high performing webstore with customised functionality based on customer requirements. The Site integrates with existing databases and reflects Philip’s high quality brand.

Flexible & Agile

As with many large companies, it can be difficult to scale and deliver on ever changing customer expectations. Luzern’s flexible platform and agile approach enabled Philips to move fast, to test and learn, and deliver the optimum go-to-market eCommerce strategy.

Customised Solutions to Improve CX, Drive Sales & Boost Brand Loyalty

Luzern partnered Philips to create a customized eCommerce solutions, with targeted and exclusive offers with relevant content, discounts and promotions, creating a personal customer journey for their most valued customers.

Integrated with Existing Systems

Luzern connects into Philips ERP system ensuring ease of expansion. The connections into the SAP and its Warehousing system ensure that the solution is future-proof as Philips grows its Brand portfolio and expands into new markets.

Digital Coupons

Luzern created customised promotions such as a “Refer-a-friend” to reward Philip’s customers with unique or one-time-use codes that drive repeat business and support ongoing brand loyalty.

Merchant of Record

All online sellers require an entity called a “Merchant of Record” (MoR) in order to be able to accept and manage online payments via credit or debit card. The MoR is the organization whose name appears on the cardholder’s statement after they make a purchase.

Luzern manages the MoR Process and handles the necessary administrative tasks including:

  • End to end management of the checkout process
  • Management of the payment portal where the customer securely enters their card details
  • Calculation and application of Tax
  • PCI compliance. All Philips customer information is safe and secure
Employee & Partner Webstore Management

As a trusted partner Luzern manages the company’s employee store, managing the discounts applied and the check-out process to ensure the best employee experience.

Luzern also operates the Partner Webstore, with customised functionality for key partners. 

Multi-currency checkouts for faster internationalization

Luzern delivers multi-currency checkouts/ price per country to help you sell on a global scale.

Key Benefits at a glance
  • Customised Promotion and discount code tools
  • Content management capabilities
  • An easy-to-use checkout with fast payment options
  • Multi-Currency checkout
  • Search engine optimized code and layout
  • Advanced Reporting tools
  • Management of Merchant of Record
  • The ability to scale up with the Luzern platform