eCommerce platform & related services provider. Proven to dramatically grow online revenues for Brands across the globe

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Amazon 1P/3P
Hybrid Model

Luzern's Platform, Services and Smart Plays allow you take control of your Amazon Channel, Maximizing Sales and Margin across 1P (Retail) and 3P (Marketplaces).

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Sell Directly to Consumers (D2C) on a Global basis through branded Webstores

Using Luzern's Platform, Services and Smart Plays to reach new Customers Maximizing Sales and Margin

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Actionable Insights, Executed, Measured - It's That Simple


Actionable Insights

Luzern's Powerful Platform gives Real Insights and Recommendations to drive Sales and Margin across all Channels



Once Agreed with the Brand, Luzern Actually Executes the Insight Delivering Real Sales



Having Delivered on the Insights, Luzern then Measures to Ensure that the Result Achieved Matched Expectations and Luzern Now Learn to Ensure That we Get Better and Better Each Time

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Who we work with

We're proud to be the online sales partner to some
of the world's leading brands.

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