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Luzern is a leading ecommerce platform and related services provider.

We are experts in delivering innovative strategies for Amazon Marketplaces and for Direct to Consumer webstores. With the Luzern platform, brands receive real time alerts and triggers enabling them to actively manage and control sales margins, position against competitors, and drive conversions across multiple channels. Luzern is proven to dramatically grow online revenues for brands across the globe and is trusted by Philips, Fossil, JDE coffee, Petsafe, Gatorade and Nestle.

Our Story

The team behind Luzern saw an opportunity to help brands sell more online in a way that is
driven by a combination of powerful data insights and their own deep industry knowledge.

What began as an idea back in 2003, has evolved into a powerful eCommerce platform, driven by a team of experts, that deliver both the the innovative technology and the supporting strategies that help companies such as Philips, Fossil, JDE coffee, PetSafe, Gatorade and Nestle to dramatically grow online revenues.

We are ambitious, customer-driven and passionate about delivering innovative eCommerce strategies for brands across the Globe. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you. Join the Team>

The Luzern Team

Ken Doyle

Ken Doyle

Founder and CEO

Ken is responsible for leading Luzern’s overall strategy and for continuing to be the visionary Chief Executive Officer of the company he founded in 2003. With over 20 years’ experience in the Technology sector including Supply Chain, Sales and Development, Ken’s leadership is integral to Luzern’s mission to help organizations access more customers across the world and drive additional revenue online.

Ken has studied at Stanford Graduate Business School and held senior roles with FORE Systems, Marconi Communications, Stratus Computers and Floating Point Systems prior to founding Luzern.

Patrick Sherlock

Patrick Sherlock

Co-founder and CPO

As Luzern’s co-founder, Patrick leads long-term technology strategies and the company’s understanding of emerging technologies. His team is responsible for using the huge amount of data gathered from the Channel Optimizer platform in the building of new automation processes and conversion-based optimization to drive additional revenues for Luzern clients.

Over the last 20 years, Patrick has served in a number of senior management positions within the Technology industry in Ireland, Belgium and the United States. He has studied at Stanford Graduate Business School and also holds a B. Sc. in Business & Information Technology from Trinity College Dublin.


Alan Wyley


Alan heads up Luzern’s Sales and Marketing teams and is responsible for sales to new brands and strategic partnerships. Since joining his team has helped scale Luzern through business and partnerships with Turtle Beach, iQor, Hewlett Packard, Glen Dimplex, Philips, Unilever and other brands.

Before joining Luzern, Alan held a number of leadership positions in the technology industry, most notably as CEO of EuroCommerce, now DataCash / MasterCard, and as Co-Founder and COO of eWare, now part of Sage. Alan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

Shane Manton

Shane Manton

Co-founder and Director of Client Solutions

Shane leads the onboarding of Luzern’s clients on to the Channel Optimizer platform, overseeing the initial integration through to the launch via various delivery teams. Shane has also deepened Luzern’s relationship with its clients by being a key driver in building profitable online business both domestically and internationally.

Over the past 18 years Shane has led various operational and executive teams through strategic planning and implementation projects with companies such as Price Waterhouse Cooper, Gateway, Wang, Amdahl and FORE Systems.

Hang Zao

Hang Zhao

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance, Hang enhances Luzern’s revenue strategy and profitability, overseeing the company’s expansion into new markets and geographies. With 15 years of finance experience across several sectors, she is also actively involved in the development of the accounting, tax and online payments capabilities of the Channel Optimizer platform.

Hang is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Consultant.

Alan Chester

Alan Chester

VP of eCommerce

Alan leads on the international strategy and execution of online branded stores. As part of Luzern’s commitment to the growth of its clients, his team actively provides analysis, design optimization and implementation support worldwide. Alan is responsible for leading multi-functional teams to enhance client revenues across online channels.

Alan’s extensive sales and industry experience has led him to work with multinational organizations such as Philips, Unilever and Petsafe to drive profitable growth within their eCommerce strategy.


Mike Scally

Chief Technology Officer

Mike ensures the roadmap implementation and delivery cadence for Channel Optimizer, Luzern’s eCommerce platform. He and his team develop eStores and B2B Portals for Luzern clients and play a key role in projects needing reactive implementation and custom development to drive strong revenues online.

Mike has over 17 years of experience in IT and software development, holds a B Eng in Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.


Carole Cassidy

Director of Talent & Culture

As Director of Talent & Culture, Carole leads Luzern’s initiatives in attracting, developing and retaining individuals to Luzern’s highly talented team, putting her leadership and passion into every hire and human capital initiative. Her team is responsible for enhancing Luzern’s internal culture of learning and teamwork.

Carole brings more than 15 years of Human Resources experience to Luzern and has held senior roles at Pfizer, Royal Bank of Scotland and Marconi Communications.


Gwen Boucher

Head of Client Strategy

Gwen leads on client strategy by advising, sharing, and formulating revenue maximization best practices for Luzern clients. Her team is actively involved in overseeing project management and client growth, leveraging the data from our platform to provide analysis, planning and ongoing enhancement implementation on online stores.

Gwen joined Luzern in 2012, bringing her strong agency background in project management and in a wide array of digital media, including SEM, SEO, display advertising and conversion rate optimization.


Simon O’Flynn

Client Onboarding Manager

Simon’s team plans, designs and improves the UX and design processes of client ecommerce solutions at Luzern. Spotting industry trends, best practice and benchmarking to improve performance is a key focus of his team. He is also responsible for all creative, photography and design services for Luzern clients.

Since joining Luzern in 2010, Simon has been instrumental in defining the company’s UX and design processes. Prior to joining, Simon worked as a graphic designer on the client and agency side across a wide range of industries.


Sonja Brennan

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Sonja is responsible for formulating successful strategic and technology planning to improve performance across Luzern’s client portfolio. In this role, Sonja’s team brings constant improvement to the end-to-end services the company brings to its clients.

Sonja joined Luzern in 2005 and has contributed to the company programs across customer service, operations, inventory and fulfilment.


John Fallon

Account Manager

John oversees the marketplace sales performance, margin attainment and revenue growth objectives of key consumer electronics accounts at Luzern. His analysis of asset recovery data has been a key factor in the substantial revenue growth in the remarketing of excess and returned inventory across Luzern’s client portfolio.

John joined Luzern in 2011 specializing in the enhancement and execution of the digital marketing strategy or the company’s client base. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing in Information Security.


Theo Lawson

Account Manager

Theo advises, shares and formulates revenue maximization initiatives across consumer and digital goods accounts at Luzern. His knowledge of commerce sales on marketplaces has been instrumental in the implementation of tailored strategies for brand partners.

Theo holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Dublin City University.


Deborah McQueen

Finance Manager

Deborah oversees the day-to-day accounting, finance and online fraud prevention operations at Luzern. As an integral part of the Finance team, Deborah coordinates and liaises with Luzern clients and Luzern departments to tailor financial processes that support their eCommerce strategy.

Prior to joining Luzern in 2003, Deborah held various finance roles across the technology and telecommunications industries. Deborah studied at the National College of Ireland, the Irish Management Institute and is a certified MIATI.


Sheila Verdon

Operations Team Lead

As Operations Team Leader, Sheila’s team is responsible for the fulfillment and logistics solutions in Luzern facilities for clients across Europe, North America and Australia. In this role, Sheila is also responsible for the achievement of operational excellence throughout the company’s operations.

Sheila joined Luzern in 2011 and has been instrumental in the success of the company’s operations with its international client base.

Building a great company, with products and services that customers' love, depends on great people. Driving sales for our clients requires driven employees.

Luzern is a reflection of the brands and markets we serve. We hire people who are smart and determined, that come from all over the planet. We are ambitious, we like to push boundaries, we want our clients to be amazed at the results we deliver.

Luzern endeavors to be a model citizen to its employees and local community. Every year we nominate a charity that is close to our hearts and we run a calendar of fun and diverse fundraising events. These are supported with donations from both employees and the company.

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Staff benefits include:

  • A flexible work environment
  • A healthy work/life balance
  • Sports & Social
  • Free breakfast, fruits and coffee available throughout the day
  • Friday morning visits from the Quizmaster
  • Discounts on some of the latest products on the market
  • Memorable company parties
  • Training and development opportunities

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