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Amazon Advertising & Performance Marketing

Luzern’s team of Amazon experts deliver effective campaigns to improve conversions. From list optimisation, beating the competition or boosting under performing campaigns, we’ll work with you to ensure you achieve the best results.

Optimize Performance

Even mainstream brands can lose ground to insurgent digital competitors that have a digital first approach.

It’s important to ensure your Brand is performing at its optimum online to seize competitive advantage. We can help.

Services at a glance:
  • Rapid, interactive Drill-Up/Down through campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads
  • Ability to see longer term trends across all these views
  • Detailed dashboards down to Product Targeting
  • Ability to track at keyword level activity and performance

Improve Bottom of the Funnel Tactics whilst protecting Top of Funnel investments

We can help you improve bottom if the funnel tactics that drive conversions. This will not affect your top of the funnel efforts that drive traffic, our campaigns use budget to drive conversions at the sku level.

Luzern can help expand your reach by implementing Manual as well as Automatic Sponsored campaigns that:
  • Maximise Relevance through Keyword optimization
  • Increase Click Through Rate with keyword rich Amazon Ads
Active Campaign Optimization & Refinement

We continuously leverage consumers search information, in order to tweak campaigns and refine keywords further. This improves both targeting and Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).

Sponsored Campaigns

Along with Automatic Sponsored campaigns, our approach to implement Manual Sponsored campaigns will gain brand exposure for your brand.

We have direct control on Manual campaigns in terms of keyword bidding and implementation whilst Automatic campaigns work to drive conversions even further.

Headline Ads

We ensure optimal results for by implementing Headline ads. Headline ads increase brand awareness and maximise sales.

SEO / PPC Services

Luzern’s SEO Specialists work side-by-side with our Amazon Marketing Experts to deliver a fully optimized Amazon listing that combines your product keywords with compelling sales copy to create a truly effective product listing.

Our Amazon PPC Experts will work closely with you to develop a custom Amazon Advertising Strategy that stays within your budget while achieving your north star sales goals.

An optimized listing also has a positive effect on your organic search results.

We’ve built a sophisticated platform and process to drive optimal results. We provide full-funnel attribution and reporting down to the keyword level on:
  • CTR
  • Sales / Click
  • Cost / Click
  • Sales / Spend (ROAS)
  • Sales / M
  • Cost / M
  • Conversion / Same Brand + Advertised ASI


Accelerate Online Sales With a Results-driven Amazon Advertising Strategy