"Maximizing eCommerce Profitability: The Power of Product Bundling”


by Alan Chester, Vice President of eCommerce, Luzern eCommerce.

In today's eCommerce market, embracing innovative strategies is crucial for Brands aiming to enhance their sales and profits. From our many years working with leading Brands that sell on Amazon and other marketplaces, Product bundling emerges as a standout tactic, allowing sellers to offer two or more items or complementary items as a single package. This approach not only enriches the customer shopping experience but also provides a competitive edge.

Here’s a compilation of the key benefits of product bundling and how Luzern eCommerce supports Brands with the creation of exclusive SKUs for multi-pack and bundled products.

Increased Sales and Customer Acquisition

Product bundling can significantly boost sales by offering customers enhanced value in a combined offer. This value perception encourages purchases, leading to increased customer acquisition and retention.

Higher Average Order Value and Selling Price

By implementing bundling, sellers can elevate the average order value (AOV) and the average selling price (ASP). This strategy motivates customers to buy more in a single transaction, augmenting overall revenue.

Enhanced Profit Margins

Strategically combining high-margin items with lower-margin ones in a bundle can lead to improved profit margins. This approach allows sellers to optimize their pricing strategies and enhance profitability.

Simplified Inventory Management

Bundling simplifies inventory management by facilitating the movement of stock more efficiently, potentially reducing storage costs and optimizing the supply chain.

Cross-promotion of Products

Bundles serve as powerful tools for cross-promotion, enabling sellers to introduce new products or highlight lesser-known items by pairing them with popular ones.

Increased Page Space and Visibility

Virtual bundles capture valuable page space, enhancing product visibility in the crowded marketplace of Amazon and beyond, aiding in standing out amongst competitors.

Convenience and Value for Customers

Customers appreciate the convenience and value bundled products provide. The ease of purchasing complementary items together, coupled with the perceived value of a deal, serves as a strong incentive for purchase.

Exclusivity and Avoidance of Channel Conflict

Focusing on exclusivity through unique SKUs for bundles and multi-pack products helps in differentiating offerings and avoiding channel conflicts. Luzern eCommerce platform supports brands by enabling the creation of exclusive bundled products that are not only unique but also tailored to meet specific customer needs, ensuring a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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