Amazon Prime Day 2022

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 cover

Amazon Prime Day is around the corner - Get primed & ready!

Brands are preparing now for the busiest shopping event of the year as Amazon Prime day 2022 is confirmed to take place on the 12th and 13th of July.

In this playbook, you will learn stats from last year’s Prime Day, and discover the key learnings from some of the most successful Brands. We will show you first-hand the strategic and tactical solutions that are working for them, as they redesign their eCommerce strategy to meet near-term demands in the run-up to Prime Day whilst planning for long-term growth.

What We Cover:

  • Amazon Prime Day facts & 2021 stats
  • 10 Top Tips to ensure your Brand is prepared for this year’s two-day shopping spree even
  • How to work with a trusted 3P Partner such as Luzern eCommerce

  • Sponsored advertising options to drive sales growth

  • Four key factors to consider