Scalable, Brand Enhancing Digital Webstores

Create robust and scalable, beautifully designed, direct-to-consumer (D2C) Webstores to showcase your brand, reach new buyers, and delight existing customers.

Whether you’re launching, re-platforming or hitting new markets Luzern can support you with the right platform and expertise to drive your eCommerce business forward.

Scalable, Brand Enhancing Digital Webstores

How We Help

Improve Buyer Experience

Improve Buyer Experience

  • Improve CX of shopping for your products
  • Create Personalized Offers
  • Reward Loyalty
Lucrative Bottom of the Funnel Strategies

Lucrative Bottom of the Funnel Strategies

  • Retain Existing & Reactivate Previous Customers
  • Create Digital Coupons & Promos
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
Hit New Markets

Hit New Markets

  • Internationalization & Localization Strategies
  • Merchant of Record
  • Multi-Currency Checkouts
Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

  • Buyer Behavior Data Analysis
  • Insight-to-Action Platform
  • Expert Team to operationalize strategies
Improve Buyer Experience

Improve Buyer Experience

Improve the CX of shopping for your products

Today’s customers want an experience that is fast and that makes it easy for them to purchase what they want, when they want, and how they want.

Luzern’s platform combined with our team of Digital and eCommerce experts can create an online shopping experience that is personalized for every shopper. We can serve targeted product offerings with relevant content, personalized discounts and promotions, creating a personal customer journey for your most valued customers.

Create personalised and exclusive offers

Speak directly to your customers with targeted emails with exclusive promotions. You can educate, up-sell and cross-sell with relevant and timely offers and promotions.

Improve Buyer Experience
Reward Your Loyal Customers & increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Repeat business is more likely to happen if you recognise and reward loyal customers.

To ensure customers, regardless of where they are shopping from, will want to return to your store you need to deliver an experience that goes beyond just design.

Drive Engagement & Conversion

With Luzern, Brands can create robust and scalable, direct to consumer (D2C) online stores that showcase your brand and reach new shoppers.

We don’t just make your digital shopfront look good, we can help you expertly orchestrate the right eCommerce strategy to match your business goals and drive conversions.

Lucrative Bottom of the Funnel Strategies

Lucrative Bottom of the Funnel Strategies

Retain Existing Customers & Reactivate Previous Customers

Luzern delivers solutions that reactive one-time buyers and encourage repeat purchases. With Luzern’s advanced digital promotion engine you can keep your Brand top of mind and stay connected to your customer base whilst improving retention, referrals and reactivations.

Luzern helps you drive lucrative bottom of the funnel marketing strategies:

  • Customer analytics solutions
  • Targeted email marketing services
  • Loyalty and post-acquisition solutions
  • Solutions to reduce cart-abandonment rate
Lucrative Bottom Of The Funnel Strategies
Digital Coupons

Shoppers often feel better about entering a code rather than receiving a blanket deal available to everyone. In today’s always-on, digital world, shoppers are open to preloading coupons on their device and searching for deals at checkout.

Luzern enables you to reward your customers with unique or one-time-use codes that drive repeat business and support ongoing brand loyalty.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

With Luzern, you can reduce lost sales with a proven approach to cart abandonment.

Luzern delivers reminders, promo offers and time based prompts to ensure no sale is left behind.

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Bring your Webstore Global

Bring your Webstore Global

Ready to Sell internationally? Go Global with Luzern.

Luzern specializes in eCommerce localization. Our team are both native-speaking language experts and eCommerce experts who truly understand their markets and the buying behaviors of international customers.

Content that converts

We deliver cost efficient translations to ensure content that converts.

We also research and localize keyword lists for use in the translated content. This boosts the visibility of your webstore online and in search engines and helps target the search trends of customers in different markets.

Merchant of Record

If you sell products or services online, you need an entity called “Merchant of Record” (MoR) to accept and manage online payments via credit or debit card. The MoR is the organization whose name appears on the cardholder’s credit or debit card statement when they make a purchase.

The MoR is responsible for many of the administrative tasks required for online businesses to effectively collect payments in a fast and secure manner. The Merchant of Record is authorized and held liable by each in-country financial institution to process the end consumer’s credit and debit card transactions.

Bring Your Webstore Global
Luzern manages the MoR Process and handles the necessary administrative tasks including:
  • End to end management of the checkout process
  • Management of the payment portal where the customer securely enters their credit/debit details
  • Calculation and application of the region-based tax. The correct amount is then displayed to buyers during the checkout process
  • Collection and remittance of the required taxes (including VAT) to the proper authorities
  • Secure transfer of customer information from the payment gateway to the payment processor
  • PCI compliance. We ensure all customer information is safe and secure
Multi-currency checkouts for faster internationalization:

Luzern delivers multi-currency checkouts/ price per country to help you sell on a global scale.

If you sell into other countries, you need international merchant accounts that allow:

  • Regional payment methods
  • Payment contracts with each currency
  • In country tax calculation
  • Local VAT
Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Buyer Behavior Data Analysis

Luzern can help you understand who your customers are, and how they like to shop. You can use this shopper and customer behavior data to understand their digital footprint and what that means for your Brand and selling strategy.

We don’t just share this data, we help you take immediate action from these insights.

“Insight-to-Action” platform

With Luzern’s “Insight-to-Action” platform, you can take control of how your Brand performs. Luzern’s intelligent data analytics enable you to make fast decisions and take immediate action. 

Operational Intelligence
We don’t just present the findings, we act on them! 

Luzern’s algorithmic intelligence goes one step beyond just sharing insights on a dashboard.

With automated functionality, Brands can pro-actively manage sales margins, position against competitors, and drive conversions, in real time.

Expert Account Team to operationalize strategies

We’re a team of passionate digital strategists, web developers, designers and online marketers who are dedicated to helping Brands reach their north star.

We build beautiful yet functional webstores to reach and engage your existing buyers, entice new buyers, and grow customer conversion.


Luzern can help with all aspects of building Brand Enhancing Digital Webstores. For more information or to speak with an eCommerce expert